Heey guys! Its been a very long time and I apologise for my absence but life happened. I haven’t written a post in a while because I lost inspiration if that makes any sense and didn’t know the approach I wanted to take. But after completing my first year of sixth form I knew I had to write some advice posts to help all my young sisters and brothers out there who are about to start YEAR 12. There’s a LOT to say so I have broken the posts up into different sections which I will release weekly. I will try my best to condense the material but be warned that they will be lengthy posts. Year 12 was lengthy. This week is all about SUBJECT choices. So sit tight, get some plantain chips and share this post to your group chats. *Sidenote: All the advice and information given may conflict with what others have told you which it should because we all have had very different experiences.

Dear Year 12’s, when people tell you that year 12 will fly by believe them. Because it will fly. I’m collecting my AS results in like 2 weeks. It’s all a bit mad.


I STRUGGLED like STRUGGLED with this at the beginning and am still struggling. At my school we have to choose 4 subjects and have the option to drop one of them in year 13. When applying I put down English Language and Literature, Economics and Business, Media Studies and Government and Politics.


  • Economics and Business                                                                                                          I studied Business studies at GCSE and really enjoyed the content so thought it would be a good idea to carry it on for A level.
  • English Language and Literature
    English was compulsory at GCSE both literature and language at my school and it was my strongest subject in comparison to Maths, I just liked the subjectivity of the subject. The answer is not definite. As long as you can think WIDELY, develop your idea and back it all the way up with evidence and receipts then you will be comfortable.
  • Media Studies
  • Coursework makes up most of your overall grade which put me at ease. Coursework is the key to success, it was basically a lifeboat for me during my GCSES. But I know that they have scrapped the whole idea by ‘they’ the education department in Parliament because it was poorly executed at schools. Yes it’s not fair, yes it’s peak but it’s DOABLE. None of my CURRENT subjects at A level involve coursework so this made the transition even more difficult.
  • Government and Politics 
    Lack of knowledge about the government and politics in general. Politics is everywhere so why not gain an understanding of what happens behind the closed doors of Parliament.



  1. What interests you, what do you want to know and learn more about
  2. Is the course available at your current school, if not maybe consider a change of school for sixth form, switch up the environment
  3. If you are thinking of applying to university look at the types of universities you would like to go to, top 10 (Russell Group) which include Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick etc. These universities like when students take facilitating subjects.
  4. Don’t take a course because someone else is taking it.
  5. No A level is easy. This is one of the biggest myths.

I switched and changed subjects for like the first 3 weeks. Everyone made jokes and it was all fun and games because I actually made friends by attending so many different classes. Not a recommendation though because I felt like I was never grounded and properly secure in my choices. I attended one media lesson, about 2 weeks of Economics and didn’t even make it into an English lesson.

Every time I dropped or picked up a subject I always had the ‘What if’ thought ‘maybe it would have been easier if’ but I had to just stick to my subjects and learn to love them. Well most of them, maths being the side subject. Choose your subjects and try your best to stick at them. You got this.

Currently I study Economics and Business, Maths, Sociology and Government and Politics. Sociology being my favourite subject, never studied anything like it before, it’s now what I want to study at Uni.

I want to help you guys so let me know if you have any other questions about how I am finding my current subjects in the comments and I will get back to you in DETAIL. Hope you enjoyed the first dosage, got a lot more coming.


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Stay Fearless& Stay You, T x
#Don’t Give Up




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