Haay peoples! I’m on the train back from an awesome service at church and decided to write a post! Okaayyyy soo it’s been MONTHS since I have updated my blog and I apologise deeply but the good news is I now have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL, yeah yeah – Simplyt . I just kept forgetting to post and let’s be real writers block is no joke…but I’m back and here to give y’all an update on what’s been going ooonn!

I was able to attend Africa Fashion Week with my Godsister- vlogged it so don’t you worry! It was an incredible experience and gave me an opportunity to proudly wear my dashiki!! Not sure what else has happened oh I’ve added both a cream and grey bomber jacket to my collection which is now complete 🙂 (for now).

My favourite songs at the moment include, Drake-U with me, Solange-Cranes in the sky, James Arthur– Say you won’t let go, Bryson Tiller– Let me explain and I’ve gone back to OLD SCHOOL TUNES which can never be dismissed I mean Chris Brown– Yo exuse me miss and Omarion and Bow Wow– Girlfriend along with Bow Wow– Outta my system and R-Kelly– She’s Got that Vibeee are LIT tunes!!! I need to become a DJ to be honest so I can let my playlists loose.

Welllll this was very random but I hope you guys enjoyed it and haven’t missed me tooo much :/ I won’t be ghosting for that long again I hope, because it was a bit too peak. But I need your help with post ideas so pleasee comment down below and help a sister out :).

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Stay Fearless& Stay You, T x

#Don’t Give Up


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