Heey people! I am extremely sorry for not being able to post for so long but you know exams and all of that good stuff 😦 I’m back now though and I’ve got a LOT of things in store, so don’t ditch me abegg. Okay so I wasn’t really sure what I should do as my comeback post but then I realised I might aswell share my SUMMER STYLE STEALS!

Clear Aviator Glasses

Kendall knowssss! I think clear aviator glasses are the new chokers now, they go with every outfit, they make you feel like you mean business so why not? I will definitely be purchasing these, they are like a mix between sunglasses and average glasses for sight.


Grey Bomber Jacket

If you follow me on instagram then you would have seen a post with satin bomber jackets which are the ULTIMATE summer style steals, I need to match my bomber jacket collection to Gigi’s because she wears them all day everyday and slays, slays, slays.

Gigi Hadid- Grey Bomber Jacket

African Print Dress

Amandla Stenburg speaks truth from her clothes and just in general, I read her interview in the ASOS magazine she was featured in and she is just REAL like R E A L. These dresses are FOR summer and just looking at them brighten’s up my day, cheeesee. Her grey braids have also inspired me to one day take a leap of faith and get grey box braids done, thank you Amandla.

Blue and White Bardot Top

You better call BECKY with the GOOD HURRR! On a serious note I may have to purchase this just to feel like QUEEN B for a moment 🙂


Big Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses

I mean Hailey’s whole outfit SLAYS but these sunglasses are SO bomb, can we all just take a minute please and think of life wearing these glasses. Who is going to mess with someone wearing these, for real? Comment if you would like me to do a seperate post on Hailey’s outfit!


Hope you enjoyed my comeback post, please leave a comment on posts that you would like me to do and I will try my best to get ’em done !

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Stay Fearless& Stay You, T x


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