20 FACTS bout me!

 1. What are your nicknames?

Olu, Oluwa, tamtam, tlore, I’m still trying to get my friends to call me ‘T’.

2. What’s your favourite sport?

Not sure if it’s classified as a sport but when it’s too cold outside or its raining heavy we play BENCH BALL and this game is everything. If you haven’t experienced bench ball you gotta.

3. What colour is your hair?

Dark brown ish

4. Do you have braces?

Not anymore but from experience these things work wonders for your smile, if you have the opportunity  I’d say GET ‘EM and  if you have them, brace yourself for the end result. Ha see what I did lol.

5. Are you left handed or right handed?

Right handed but still tryna force my left hand to step up.

6. What was your first award?

Believe it or not in primary school I got awarded my pen license. My handwriting was good enough to write with a pen. A pen.

7. What was the last concert you went to?

I think it was a JLS concert in 2014, I was an obsessed fan. If you know any good music festivals coming up in the summer please holla me in the comments.

8. What’s your favourite song?

I have waay too many but if I had to choose right now it would be ‘Promise- Kid Ink ft Fetty Wap’ listen to it ASAP if you haven’t already! But Rhianna killed it with her song WORK, you can’t not dance when it is on.

9. What’s your favourite restaurant?

Nandos. Nandos. Nandos. Life is just better with a cheeky nandos. My standard order is a medium spiced chicken wrap with nothing less than a double portion of Peri Peri Chips.

10. Do you believe in God?
All day everyday, wouldn’t be who I am without my relationship with God, for real.

11. Do you sing in the shower?

Secretly we all do, let’s be honest people.

12. Where was the last place you travelled?

Singapore&Dubai last Christmas, it was an amaazingg travel experience. Leave a comment down below if you want me to upload a post about it!

13. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

This is a hard one but i think I would repay my parents back all the money I ‘owe’ and then help othersss.

14. Would you go skydiving?

Nuh uh honey

15. Do you have any pets?
Welllll, I have a pet goldfish called George but after all these years of begging for a dog and making a PowerPoint presentation on why I should get one, the answer is no.

16. Do you have any piercings?

One in each earlobe πŸ™‚ would love to get a cartilage piercing though.

17. Do you speak any other languages?

I’m learning French but can barely hold a conversation so I don’t think it counts.

18. What are you currently wearing?

Black jeans, Grey oversized jumper, bomber jacket and black Nike theas. Standard.

19. What was the last item you bought?

My black baseball cap feautred in the ‘Vintage Swag’ post!

20. What are you currently thinking about? 

Tommorrow and what it holds. Perfect way to end this lil tag.

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Stay Fearless& Stay You, T x


8 thoughts on “20 FACTS bout me!

  1. I’ve proved that I can look after a dog Tami and in still not allowed😭😭😭
    Please do a post on your holiday! I’m jealous of those snaps I sawπŸ˜”πŸ˜š

    Liked by 1 person

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