Hey! I haven’t posted an outfit of the day in a while so here’s a different outfit combination.


My oversized plaid shirt was brought from a boutique on the asos market place, previously mentioned on my ‘current wishlist’ post. House of Jam is a really really affordable vintage boutique, with sport sweatshirts to oversized t shirts. The blue checkered oversized shirt can be worn as a dress or as seen in the picture an overlay shirt. Oh it’s like a soft cotton texture! I brought this merchandise on sale for only £18 🙂

Oversized Plaid Shirt


I’m wearing black high waisted jeans from Misguided which were £22. They are literally my go too black jeans aka my only comfortable/favourite pair of black jeans.  Because I’m quite tall it’s a mission to find jeans that fit, so I gotta roll them up if the shop does not have a ‘Tall’ section. #Tallgirlproblems lol, but I think this outfit would be even better with some black ripped jeans.

Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans

photo 5

My black turtleneck jumper was purchased from Primark for £4 with the gold bar necklace was bought for a £1. I used to hate turtlenecks with a passion and hates a strong word. But now I’ve realised that in order to stay warm and try and look bomb, turtlenecks are the way to go. For only £4 mate, that’s a bargain.


So the white air max theas are back! They’re not as fresh as they were in the #Real 1 post but this outfit needed white trainers. They can be brought at around £90 from stores similar to Office, Nike, Asos & Footasylum.

White Air Max Theas

photo 6

Okay, so on my wishlist there was a black baseball cap and I can now say that I have brought one from eBay for £5.58. Pretty decent. I think you guys know me by now and my love for baseball caps, they are key. I’m still on the black colour but by summer I may surprise you. Black Baseball Cap

Hope you guys enjoyed the vintageness and don’t forget to follow to get new posts delivered to your email 🙂

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