Hey! This is a different type of post  to my usualss, but I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Like for a rate? The need for a ‘rate’ confuses me, why do people want to know their worth through a number? (1-10) You are worth so much more than a rate. You are worth so much more than a grade.

With all this being said, we still thrive at the opportunity to be ‘rated’ or to ‘rate’ we choose to be a part of it which means the enjoyment is still there. I understand why though, because the temptation is always there, the temptation to find out what others think of you, the temptation to see what you are worth in their eyes. Is it a 1 or a 10, is it an A+ or an F.

I’ve made it through the rate craze and of course the ‘To Be Honest’ stage but I’m not sure if I will understand the ‘To Be Rude’ one.

Don’t look for self worth through others. True validation can only come from your creator. ‘I praise you Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made’- Psalm 139:14
You don’t need to feel good about yourself from a number or a grade. Feel good about what you have accomplished, who you are and what you want to achieve.  Don’t be afraid to be YOU because let’s be real, you can only be you.


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