Hey! So these are all my random favourites of 2016, you’ll get to know more about me and the things I lyykeee, hope you enjoy them 🙂

Old’ish’ Songs that I’ve recently found:

Tory Lanez- Say it has to be at the top, when you listen to it, you’ll understand why too. It truly is a banger (If a Song is extremly tight or just unbelivably awesome. It is a banger) Bryson Tiller is pretty new to the scene but completely nailed it with Exchange which is only one of my favourites from him.


Southpaw, Avegengers: Age of Ultron, Spy with Melissa McCarthy (queen o’ banter) and my first Star Wars movie. All were really, really good, especially Southpaw&Star Wars. If you know any other new movies please leave a comment, I love love love movies.



UniDays-Online and in store discounts for favourite stores like Topshop, New Look, Forever 21 oh and Mc Donalds matey, you can get a FREE mccflurry or cheeseburger when you purchase any extra value meal. We love you UniDays we do.

VSCO- Photo editor, the effects can transform your pictures, I do not lie.

Camcorder-  It’s like a Vintage Video recorder with the date and time, if you’d rather take a picture ‘vintage style’ record a video with your poses and screenshot the winner.

Gojimo- Revison app for all subjects and exam boards helps A LOT, when my revision guides and textbooks get too much I’d rather go on my phone so it’s kind of a compromise, you get me ?


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 Stay Fearless& Stay You, T x


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